Beach Huts

The ‘Flint Hut’ takes it’s idea from the ripple of the shale along the Eastbourne shoreline. The structure appears to rise out of the beach, curving in two directions, to form a shape similar to a shell, a fossil or a pebble. Externally the hut is covered in ‘knapped flint’ – a building technique closely associated with east Sussex and dating back to Roman times. This external treatment is tough, beautiful and able to deal with a varied marine environment.

The interior of the hut has a very different feel; it is warm and sumptuous. The timber decking that surrounds the perimeter of the hut wraps up to line the interior between the spiralling structure. Coloured cushions are placed between the structure which are made from woven recycled plastic.

The structure of the hut is composed of pairs of curved 18mm marine grade plywood fins which are pre-cut on a CNC machine for easy site assembly. 100mm wide reclaimed timber boards span between the fins to form the internal lining. Each board is pre-cut and drilled to ensure there is no wastage on site.

CGIs by Litrix